Writing and Riding a Crocodile

Back in the 1950s, before my father was a spy, he was the Associated Press Bureau chief for the entire continent of Africa. He had a friend and colleague, a photojournalist, whom he admired because he wasn’t afraid to get in close to get the shot. One day my father’s friend was out on the […] Read More

Hell Yeah Fifty

I wrote this poem for our friend Jim’s fiftieth. I turned fifty in December and this pretty much sums up how I feel about it:   Hell Yeah Fifty Look at that strutter, swaying like he’s got no matters, That mother-fucker must be Fifty. Look at him go, like his life is a show, yeah, […] Read More

Cell Phone Symphony, I HEAR YOU

Hudson River Line, November 2013   A YOUNG WOMAN, EARLY 30s; HER CHILDREN, AGES 3 & 4, SIT NEXT TO HER USING I-PADS: You have got to get the family portrait. You just do. I mean, it’s an opportunity. And you’ll be glad you have it for memories. I don’t think I can think of […] Read More

Pebbles, Shells, Skippers.

  Pebbles, Shells, Skippers. Pebbles. You’ve never seen a beach so covered with pebbles. Each one of them is perfect, smooth, soft and hard to touch. You don’t see sand, though you know it must be there underneath. They come in a variety of tones, grays and beiges of course, but also pinks, blues, turquoises, […] Read More

Shakespeare Short

Shakespeare Short Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival asked a few playwrights to write short plays with a Shakespeare theme for their Iambic Parameters festival. I’m a huge fan of theirs and was happy to take on the challenge. My short play is called “Poor Laura”. It’s based on the great scene in Hamlet when he and […] Read More

Loose Leash and Commitment

Two short love stories for a summer day: Loose Leash That’s him, the big burley politician sharing his views on the late night news show. She hasn’t seen him in years and never in this context. His smile still has that sweet edge, his intelligent humor and passionate convictions, like his presence, have grown larger. […] Read More

Five Fourths of July

Happy Fourth of July to all. Here are five of mine: 1. The farm. Each car arriving over the hill would receive some announcement. Somebody could identify the car and if not, there were predictions, and Mom would run out to greet it. I was sitting there at that window that faced the hill, the […] Read More

Ballsy Apology

Dear Ralphie Jeffers, I am sorry Ralphie. I am sorry that I kicked you in the balls in seventh grade. You seemed like a nice guy in a rough and tumble way. Previous to this, you sometimes bumped into my desk on your way out of the classroom as Mr. Lowenbach chased you out and […] Read More

My Father is Immortal

Three years ago today, my father died. He was 96. I wrote this piece about him when he was 91. I gave it to him and he liked it. Of course I never believed my father would die, so: My Father is Immortal. I am falling asleep on his lap, in the warmth and safety […] Read More