Senior Moment

My play “Senior Moment” opens with Young Louis professing his love to Young Dorothy. She’s off in the distance though, and we’re not sure if she can hear him. They are dressed for Senior Prom, circa 1950s: YOUNG LOUIS: I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I look at you, my eyes and heart are clear. When you […] Read More

Monkey Wishes

I see a howler monkey in Costa Rica and I remember how I wanted one so, so badly when I was twelve. My sister Annie and her new husband Al were living in Panama City then, and she had come home for a visit, and told us that kids in Panama had monkeys as pets. […] Read More

From “Get a Job”

This is a monologue from a play I’m working on: I’m a people person. I like people. I do. I just really like people. All kinds of people. I get along…well…with all kinds of people. One minute I’m talking to this kind of person, next minute I’m talking to that kind of person. I just […] Read More

Where that Stink Bug Took Me

I’m thinking about stinkbugs and how my older daughter spotted one on the wall. I thought I was going to have to get involved, but I said You have a choice – you can put it in the toilet and flush it down or put it outside. She chose the toilet (which I have done […] Read More

Oyster Date

She smothered hers in fine sauces. He preferred his plain straight. They sang that old song that the other was wrong and together they inhaled the plate. Read More