9 Cat Tails

Ever hear the one about the cat who had nine lives? In his ninth life he wrote the book. Or is he a she? Depends on which life. Meet this cool feline friend who tells the tale of nine lives, transporting though history and time. First life, in the lap of the Boy King; next life, the Himalayas and a fling; third, in a Japanese garden, this kitty falls in love with a fish. These and other adventures, all told from this cool cat’s point of view, all told with humor, revelation and reflection. Three steps forward, two steps back, evolving from one life to the next, all the while, this cool cat is doing his and her feline best.

“Oh, poor kitten!” the old man said, “Kitten is in love with a fish!” And he laughed and walked away. Well, by this I was offended. First of all, I was no longer a kitten. Secondly, I was not poor, but rich, bountiful even. Third of all, there was nothing funny about it.