Writing and Riding a Crocodile

Back in the 1950s, before my father was a spy, he was the Associated Press Bureau chief for the entire continent of Africa. He had a friend and colleague, a photojournalist, whom he admired because he wasn’t afraid to get in close to get the shot. One day my father’s friend was out on the […] Read More

Five Fourths of July

Happy Fourth of July to all. Here are five of mine: 1. The farm. Each car arriving over the hill would receive some announcement. Somebody could identify the car and if not, there were predictions, and Mom would run out to greet it. I was sitting there at that window that faced the hill, the […] Read More

Ballsy Apology

Dear Ralphie Jeffers, I am sorry Ralphie. I am sorry that I kicked you in the balls in seventh grade. You seemed like a nice guy in a rough and tumble way. Previous to this, you sometimes bumped into my desk on your way out of the classroom as Mr. Lowenbach chased you out and […] Read More

Monkey Wishes

I see a howler monkey in Costa Rica and I remember how I wanted one so, so badly when I was twelve. My sister Annie and her new husband Al were living in Panama City then, and she had come home for a visit, and told us that kids in Panama had monkeys as pets. […] Read More